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The Z2300 series, with unique hardened gearsbox and multi-pole brushless motor. Which can be used in a long-term loading. Suitable for fixed wing aircraft with the long air flight.

Operating voltage 16.0 ~ 30.0 V DC Volts
Max. torque 980 Ncm (1388 oz-in) (100 kg-cm)
Continuous torque 294 Ncm (416.6 oz-in) (30 kg-cm)
Weight 280 g (9.87 oz)
Max. Travel angle 90°±0.5° (default)
Mechanical Traveling Angle limit 100°±0.5° (default)
Signal Standard : PWM / DroneCAN (UAVCAN V.0) Custom : RS232 / RS485 / Dual DroneCAN
Motor Brushless Motor
Gear train Metal Alloy Gear
Case 6061 AluminumCNC Casing (Anodized)
Position sensor Hall Effect Sensor

Standard: 25T / Ø8mm

Sqaure: [ 4.75 x4.75 mm]