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The P1000 series is equipped with a number of reliable self-protection mechanisms that will not cause damage to internal parts when blocked to ensure the maximization of flight safety of unmanned vehicles. Besides, the P1000 series also has an exclusive patent of self-state recording mechanism, namely "black box" technology. Just like when an aircraft accident occurs, it can record the situation at that moment and trace back to all the conditions (voltage, current, temperature, and three-axis gyroscope) after that accident to speculate and review the factors of the accident.

Operating voltage 16 ~ 30 V DC Volts
Max. torque 6864 Ncm (9721 oz-in) (700 kg-cm)
Continuous torque 1667 Ncm (2360 oz-in) (170kg-cm)
Weight 1200 g (42.3 oz)
Max. Travel angle 90°±0.5° (default)
Mechanical Traveling Angle limit 100°±0.5° (default)
Signal Standard : PWM / DroneCAN (UAVCAN V.0) Custom : RS232 / RS485 / Dual CAN2.0
Motor Brushless Motor
Gear train Metal Alloy Gear
Case 6061 AluminumCNC Casing (Anodized)
Position sensor Hall Effect Sensor