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The Z1500 series has ultra lifespan persistence and pass the operational test over 2000hrs under a rated load of 3kg-cm, which is suitable for the extraordinary reliability and lifespan required by various industrial applications of motion/remote control.

Operating voltage 7.0 ~ 16 V DC Volts
Max. torque 196.1 N-cm (277.7 oz-in) (20.0 kg-cm)
Continuous torque 78.4 N-cm (111 oz-in) (8.0 kg-cm)
Weight 36 g (1.27 oz)
Max. Travel angle ±45° (default)
Signal PWM / RS485 / RS232 / UAVCAN
Motor Brushless motor
Gear train Metal Alloy Gear
Case 6061 AluminiumCNC Casing (Anodized)
Position sensor Hall Effect Sensor